Monica Tranel was raised with her nine brothers and sisters on a ranch in eastern Montana, and she always had a job to do: feeding pigs, stacking hay, fixing fences.

The strong work ethic Monica learned on the ranch led her to become a world-class rower, competing in two Olympics and winning a World Championship Gold for the United States Women’s Rowing Team - the first U.S. Women’s eight to win gold at 2000 meters.

Monica worked her way through college and law school. Her career has been in Montana, working for local business owners, working families, and Montana ranchers.

As an attorney, she has taken on out-of-state billionaires and corporate monopolies to stop them from ripping off Montanans.

Monica took Northwestern all the way to the state supreme court, and won, saving rate payers $10 million dollars. She stopped a New York Hedge fund from cheating Montana small businesses, and beat out-of-state corporation’s attempts to steal land from local ranchers.

Corporations buy politicians like Ryan Zinke to drive up their profits, and hardworking Montanans are paying for it. We can bring rising costs down by cleaning up Congress.

Monica will hold those who want to profit off the backs of everyday Montanans accountable so we can focus on bringing down costs for everyone.

She will work to create an economic environment where our local and small businesses can thrive, and provide good paying jobs to folks who want to build families here and contribute to our economy year-round. Montana has some of the best and most unique natural resources in the world, and can lead the energy transition by developing our tremendous potential.

We need a leader for the people of Montana - no more rotten politicians who make the whole barrel bad just by being in it.

Monica Tranel continues her statewide practice, serving the people of Montana, and enjoys Montana’s outdoor spaces with her husband and three daughters.

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